In any Functional Skills qualification, at any level, we, along with our partners, have endeavoured to create assessments and tasks that learners will find applicable to the workplace.

This means that the majority of our tasks put you in ‘real-life’ situations and teach you easily transferable skills. We also adapt the assessments according to the level of the qualification:

Entry Level

At entry level, we can supply you with a themed set of assessment materials that can be adapted to reflect your learners’ unique circumstances and their working environment, ensuring that functional skills learners with TQUK enjoy the same flexible approach that our sector qualifications learners enjoy. These assessments are then marked by the centre and externally verified by us.

Level 1 & 2

With Functional Skills Levels 1 and 2, the papers are externally set and marked by Industry Qualifications, our partner for the delivery of functional skills. Both paper-based and on-screen assessments are available if requested.

Whilst all our Functional Skills qualifications follow this pattern, the different disciplines do have their own additional variations. These can be found below:

English Functional Skills

Assessment: Each qualification consists of a single unit which is broken down into three separately assessed parts.

Performance Standards: 

  • Speaking and Listening – making an oral presentation or report (SLC)
  • Reading – reading and understanding information and instructions
  • Writing – writing accurately so that meaning is clear

And as these qualifications reflect realistic work situations, the SLC component could consist of a pitch or presentation to a local employer, a reading paper might test a learner’s understanding of a set of company procedures whilst the writing assessment might ask them to compose an email to their boss.

SLC component: The SLC component is an internally set and marked assessment at all Entry Levels, Level 1 and Level 2.

Whilst we do have sample assessments which centres can use, they can also use any naturally occurring opportunities that allow for assessment in a single session. SLC evidence is then recorded in the Achievement Record.

Maths Functional Skills

Assessment: Tasks may include working out which train you need to catch to attend a meeting on time, buying lunch whilst on a budget or counting supplies/stock levels.

Performance Standards: 

  • Representing – making sense of a situation and representing it mathematically
  • Analysing – Processing and using maths
  • Interpreting – Interpreting and communicating the results of the analysis

ICT Functional Skills

Assessment: A typical task would include a learner being able to investigate the cost of buying a new photocopier, prepare an information sheet with prices or organise an office meeting.

Performance Standards: 

  • Use of ICT systems
  • Finding and selecting information
  • Developing, presenting and communicating information

For Levels 1 and 2, assessments are available on demand and use the centres’ existing software. Although the assessments are technically ‘paper-based’ there is no requirement to print any materials and the learner tasks are sent back to us electronically.