It's important for us to know your business and how you conduct your training. But it's also important for you to know who TQUK are and how we approach our business.

Here you can learn about the people, culture and capabilities that make our company great. Once you  find out what we're all about, we're confident you'll like what you see.


The UK Team

Senior Management Team

Headed by our Managing Director, Andrew Walker, the Senior Management Team lead the business from every angle, quality, client relationship, marketing, qualification development and business support. Click to find out more.

Client Relationship Team

As the frontline of TQUK, the CRO team are your first port of call when you need something from us. Our team will stay in regular touch with you to ensure you have everything you need to provide our qualifications. They are responsible for providing the exceptional level of service we're known for. More information on the CRO team can be found here.

Business Development Team

Working alongside the Client Relationship Team, our Business Development Team are integral to bringing in new business, providing support to our existing Approved Centres and extending our world-class customer service to everyone they meet on the road. Meet the team here.

Quality Team

Our Quality Team are the company's safety net. They manage and ensure that all the awards TQUK creates are in line with the procedures we have in place to ensure validity from Ofqual. They ensure that recognised Centres have all the resources necessary to perform world-class training programmes to their learners via TQUK qualifications. See who keeps us on the straight and narrow here.

End-Point Assessment Team

The End-Point Assessment Team are TQUK's vanguard into the new and exciting world of End-Point Assessment and run the EPAO side of the business. They coordinate assessment activities to ensure all our training providers and employers get the best quality assessment they can for their apprentices. Find out more about our EPA gurus here.

Business Support Team

Quite possibly the most important team in the office, the Business Support Team are key to the running of TQUK. You might not see what they do on a day to day basis but they make sure Centres receive everything they need from us, when they need it. From certifcate printing and claims to manual orders and delivery, they are the engine that keeps us ticking along. Find out more about the team here.

Creative Team

The TQUK Creative Team are integral to look, feel and design of the company. From the graphic design that makes our website attractive and user-friendly, to the creative content and news reporting included within our blog and across our social media. Everything you see and read about TQUK starts right here.

HR Team

The TQUK HR Team is our conscience. They make sure all TQUK operations comply with the law and regulation set out in legislation. They're also in charge of human relations within the company and recruitment of new staff. Find out who's helping to make us bigger and better.

The Hong Kong Team

TQUK-HK is the first business hub for the company in Asia and will be responsible for overseeing our business development and opportunity in countries including Macau, China and Taiwan. They will be extending our current world-class customer service and streamlined version of our qualifications to eastern Asia. Meet the TQUK-HK team here.



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