Today is International Tourism Day, a worldwide observance celebrating tourism in all its forms and promoting people moving from place to place and experiencing new people, languages and cultures

Given it’s the end of September, it’s prime holiday season! The TQUK office has seemed a little spare, with everyone booking their holidays to destinations near and far. So today we’d like to highlight the favourite places held close to the hearts of your favourite characters at TQUK.




Tuscany, let’s say Florence. It’s the food, wine, weather and people. I stayed in a farmhouse once a few years ago with my family before a wedding. It was set in its own olive orchard and we sat there drinking cheap local red wine all night. Bliss!






It’s gotta be Swanage for me. I love the long walks, castles and the beer is incredible. I’ll never forget walking into a local pub where they had a Fisherman’s band singing and listening to them while I waited for my university results.






My favourite spot is Vancouver, Canada (with Barcelona, Spain a close second). Beautiful city, mountains, beaches, hockey – what’s not to love? I’m a sucker for the tourist stuff – Capilano suspension bridge, Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain, Gastown, Canada Place, whale watching. Fascinating part of the world.






It’s not so much a holiday spot, but a place I really enjoyed visiting was Berlin. I was only there for 4 days, so there’s no way I got to see that entire beautiful city or take in all its rich history. The first time I went was for my first marathon, and I was accompanied by one of my best and longest friends who executed some excellent cheer squad duties – that made it all the more special. The people were so welcoming and what we did get to see of the city (while not running) was amazing.




Las Vegas!! (Vegggggassss Baby). It’s the best because it was somewhere I had always wanted to go and there’s no place like it. So much entertainment and the Grand Canyon tour was a great experience. Plus, I got engaged to my husband there, so it couldn’t be anywhere else!

Viva Las Vegas!!!





Orlando, Florida. One hundred percent. It has sun, golf and Disneyland. Do I need to say more? My favourite memory is probably the last time I went. I took my nephew to Gatorland and had an amazing day. We hand-fed alligators and watched a gator show. I even took him into the budgie menagerie and he fed birds from a stick. (He’s only 3 months old!)





My favourite place is Iceland because the scenery is too much. The last time I was there, I ate a puffin skewer. They told me it was chicken...








My favourite destination is New York City, USA. Monday Night. Third down and 10 at the opposition 35 yard line. Brisk, October wind and rain roars around the Meadowlands but is quickly silenced by the sea of blue spread across the stands. Defense! Defense! they cry as the electric blue atmosphere finds its way to the field. The opposing quarterback drops back to throw.

Meanwhile, while my heart is in New Jersey, my stomach is several miles across the Hudson. I seem to have invented the food crawl while in the US. Rather than set meal times, a gargantuan New York Slice is quickly consumed and washed down with an unusual but magnificent concoction of sugars and E numbers. Light and flavoursome with almost a chewy texture (they say it's in the water) with the perfect amount of tangy tomato sauce and creamy mozzarella.

A short walk along one of New York's stunning avenues, bustling with cosmopolitan life, and I find myself once again eating. This time the perfect "ball-park" hot dog, a combination of ketchup, mustard, cheese and onions.

Back to the Meadowlands, struggling to differentiate between the puddle of rain and the newly formed puddle of drool at my feet, I remember we are half way through a play. The quarterback completes his drop-back but is quickly drowned by the oncoming big blue rush and sacked to the ground. That would be sack number 8 of 10 that night, a cameo performance of the 2007 Super Bowl run that defeated Tom Brady and the previously undefeated New England Patriots.