You know that feeling you get when you leave the confines of a damp and stuffy room and step into the clear air? That sudden rush coursing through your bloodstream triggering your realisation of gold-lit possibilities, while the coming hours scintillate with a potential as expansive and infinite an as a horizon blazing with the first burning cloud of a new dawn?


No? Us neither.

But our office move? That came pretty darn close.

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We’ve got some big news!

Last week, just as we were sorting out the last bits and bobs during our move to our new office in Sale, TQUK was notified that we’d been nominated for two of the upcoming 2017 FAB Awards!

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TQUK is continuing its quest to provide you, our lovely centres, with the best possible qualifications available on this Sceptred Isle. So, our Qualifications Development team is always cooking up a new delicacy for you to feast on, from the in-demand qualifications we disseminate all around the world to the more specialised works we’re become known for. This month, the team is serving up a quartet of qualifications that we know will make centres and learners alike salivate.

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first_aid1.jpgThe workplace first aid regulated qualifications are due to be changed from QCF to RQF on the 1st October 2017 and TQUK are prepared with updated qualifications specifications and assessment principles available now.

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Kelle McQuade is TQUK’s new Lead Business Development Manager and knows the FE sector inside and out. She's had 13+ years at Milton Keynes College as Prince’s Trust Programme Area Manager, Quality Improvement Manager and, mostly recently, Head of Improvement and Innovation. She’s been nominated for several leadership awards during her time at MKC and significantly contributed to several Ofsted inspections. Since Kelle started at TQUK, she’s been our office go-to for knowledge and advice on how to carry the business forward. Today is the first in a series of articles where Kelle discusses pressing questions and issues important to the industry. Enjoy this week’s edition of Kelle's Corner!

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