The other day, the government released its guidance document on off the job training. This is an aspect of all apprenticeships that all trainers/employers must provide. It’s what a lot of us have been waiting for for a while now, and finally we have something to go on.

And TQUK is here to guide you across the perilous Seas of Apprenticeship Standards to white shores.

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AT TQUK, we’re always excited to work with the most well-respected experts in a variety of fields because it helps us establish the highest possible standards for our qualifications. We strive to make sure every learner is gaining knowledge and skills in their respective industry. This is how you foster success for the future.

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 May_GE_2017_2.jpgWe live in interesting times.

After going to the British public and asking for a strong mandate to conduct the UK’s Brexit negotiations, Theresa May failed to get the majority she was after and now leads the largest party in a hung parliament,  and will in all likelihood be propped up by the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland. As seems de rigeur these days, few know what this will mean. Will this new order last? Will a fresh election be called? It seems like anything could come around the corner. "Uncertainty" seems to be the tagline of 2017.

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There’s been some bad FE press coming out of the North. Recently, a university technical college closed its doors, further emphasising the shortcomings of that program rolled out by Michael Gove under the Cameron government. There have been reports of bad governance at several sixth-form schools and colleges in the Manchester. And Ofstead, the sector regulator, has not been kind to others, giving them low grades for quality. The North requires many well-funded and high quality institutions to provide the region with much-needed skilled workers. Particularly these days.

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Well, it looks like the FE sector just can’t have nice things.

 Late in the afternoon on the 18th of May, those of us monitoring TQUK’s social media feeds noticed a couple of posts on Twitter about the new RoATP list. They were small but enough to grab our attention:

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