roosterr-05.jpgA little off topic, but we were intrigued after recent events in the office to find out a little more about Chinese zodiac animals, and what the relationship to Chinese New Year they have. And in true Richard Ayoade style, here’s what we found.

If you’re a follower of our social media channels you may have noticed that our Managing Director Andrew and Quality Manager Paul recently took a trip across to Asia to visit some of our international centres in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. They came back fully cultured.

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startup-photos.jpgYou may have noticed that over the past year or so QCF qualifications are slowly and gradually being replaced by RQF qualifications. What does this mean?

First off, this means that awarding organisations have much more freedom to design their own qualifications, and to give them an appropriate title whether it is an Award, Certificate or Diploma.

New qualifications on the RQF (Regulated Qualification Framework) must be underpinned by a validity strategy that will show how they provide value for learners and employers.

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22751069447_437d0d89f8_b.jpgMuch like many other awarding organisations, TQUK is in the midst of developing qualifications which will replace the current Health and Social Care, Clinical Healthcare Support and Allied Health Profession diplomas.

The new qualifications, which will be available from January 2018, are currently being mapped to meet the requirements of Skills for Health and design specifications of Skills for Care.

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woman-hand-desk-office.jpgHave you designed a bespoke or niche course of learning which doesn’t necessarily lend itself to the regulated qualification environment?

Did you know when we endorse a course of learning we declare that we have confidence in your ability to develop and deliver quality courses in your areas of expertise and this then becomes a TQUK Endorsed Course of learning?

Whilst we won’t have a hand in defining the content of these courses, or design, mark or monitor the assessments, the TQUK endorsement status shows that you are consistently meeting the high standards that we demand from our centres.

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phonestuff-540x308.jpgThe general public is being urged by a team of senior military and civilian medics to undertake lifesaving skills in case they are caught up in a terror attack in the UK.

They say people need to know key skills in order to help each other because it could be some time before it is deemed safe for emergency services, including fully trained paramedics, to arrive at a terror attack scene to provide much needed medical support.

A new app and pocketbook called CitizenAID is now available which is designed to complement the ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ guidance given by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office in the wake of the Paris attacks.

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