The apprenticeship landscape in the UK has changed and changed quickly. Such was the brainchild of the Coalition government and the Richard Review. As a result of the report and the implemented changes, the further education sector has had to pivot harder than Ross Geller’s couch.

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woman-hand-smartphone-desk-large.jpgNotepads at the ready guys, we're about to get technical.

You may be aware that in 2015 Ofqual changed the way in which regulated qualifications are described. The main details of these changes are:

  • The change from the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) which included the sharing of units and structures by different Awarding Organisations to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and the closure of the shared unit bank.
  • The size of qualifications in the RQF is indicated by the Total Qualification Time (TQT)

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We’ve all seen the movies. So often, depictions of the future of the world are dominated by the rise of some kind of technological innovation. Think of all the great science fiction films you’ve seen: Blade Runner, The Matrix, Minority Report, I, Robot, the Terminator series. All these films depict a future where humanity is in danger of being completely dominated by machines, or where the creation of artificial intelligence begins to outstrip the intelligence of humanity and threatens to endanger mankind’s hegemony. Usually, when people begin to imagine the future role of technology in our future, there is a clear anxiety about how it will neuter our power.

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Everyone knows Movember – that feral month where men the world over grow out their wily whiskers to raise awareness for prostate cancer. A very worthy cause, to be sure. But the prostate has many neighbours, all of them just as susceptible to cancerous growths as the prostate. And of all those organs inside you, perhaps one of the most neglected is the bowel.

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TQUK has some exciting news for you guys today!

After months of hard work and waiting patiently, we have finally been approved to deliver End-Point Assessment for the Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship Standard.

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