At TQUK we are committed to offering our customers world-class customer service and support. Our prices are competitive, without compromising on our quality assurance standards.

*Please be aware that where the below fees involve TQUK staff members or EQA’s travelling to a centre this activity will incur expenses as well as the stated cost of the activity. 

Fees and Pricing


  • *Centres registering 200+ learners or having a net spend of £1500+ between the date of their last annual EQA activity or centre recognition EQA activity and the due date of standard annual EQA visit (365 days) across all products/services, including but not limited to qualification licences, manuals, assessment records, quality support activities, initial centre recognition fee will be eligible for a free EQA visit, to cover the previous calendar year. Centres receiving more than one mandatory EQA visit per year will remain eligible for a maximum of one free EQA visit per year. Standard EQA visit charge of £300 applies to all non-qualifying centres. TQUK reserves the right to charge expenses, including but not limited to travel charges and accommodation and for all EQA visits, whether free or paid.

Endorsed Provision Fees



A TQUK Approved centre wishing to offer endorsed provision will be charged the fee for an endorsed course approval (£100 per endorsed course).

A TQUK Endorsed centre wishing to offer QCF provision will be charged the fee for a qualification approval (£20.00 per QCF qualification).

TQUK Quality Mark Fees



 You can download our updated pdf version of our pricing and fees here.