Training Qualifications UK is an award winning and professional, Ofqual recognised, Awarding Organisation that understands the needs of training providers, learners and everyone in between.

We know that in offering world class customer service, we are supporting all our centres so that they can support learners who are working towards qualifications and apprenticeships across the country.

But we know that when you read ‘world class customer service’, the proof really is in the pudding so here’s just a few quotes from some of our key, approved centres and we’ll let you decide if we’re telling the truth.


"Training Qualifications UK have been the best Awarding Organisation we have worked with. Their staff are friendly, experienced, knowledgeable, flexible, and they all have a great sense of humour. This combination, partnered with their individual personalities makes it an absolute pleasure to work with them.

TQUK could also stand for Total Quality UK as well, we have been supported from the first moment to present, and we would recommend them to any training organisation that is interested in working with an Awarding Organisation that truly puts the needs of their individual customers as a priority. 

TQUK have delivered above and beyond our expectations, and are always happy to listen to any specific requests we may have. The key to our success is as a training centre, we have been welcomed into the TQUK family - and we appreciate this! At this time I would like to thank: Ash, Kelly, Emily, Beth, Tom, Andrew, & the rest of the TQUK team for supporting us."



"The level of support and cooperation we receive from TQUK is fantastic, they always work hard for us and their flexible approach to qualifications is a refreshing change.

Their ‘everything under one roof’ approach and unique selling points, including the two-day certificate turn around, really helps us to provide a great service to our learners. 

I’d like to thank the TQUK team for their continued hard work and the invaluable support they provide London Vocational College."



"ProTrainings and TQUK have become the perfect training company and Awarding Organisation partnership. The team spirit relayed between both camps is fantastic and it is easy to see that the individuals that work at TQUK care very much about their relationship with training centres.

When TQUK approached us regarding our blended learning system we were very happy to be partnering with a professional, flexible and friendly organisation. It has proved to be very much a win-win situation and I cannot fault the efforts of the TQUK team. I would recommend them to any other training provider who is looking for an AO."

"We are extremely pleased with the committed and flexible working relationship we currently have with TQUK. 

They have been driven and caring in terms of meeting the needs of our business and the communication and management of our account has been exactly as promised.

Their fresh approach to achieving direct claims status, two-day certificate turnaround and refundable registration fees really make TQUK a dynamic awarding organisation allowing for a quick, simple and alternative AO. TQUK saved us over 30% of fees compared to our previous awarding organisation making them one of the most cost effective AO’s in the UK.”


"TQUK are a professional, friendly and flexible awarding organisation. We have had a fantastic relationship with their team from the first day to present.  They are constantly working to provide additional services, they are approachable, and they are more than willing to work with us to support our specific needs. When you call them, all their staff are very attentive, try to help and they work as a team to help us with our enquiries. TQUK have been pivotal partners that have enabled Imob Construction & Imob Qualifications to grow rapidly – they have our gratitude and loyalty.

Thank you TQUK, and a special thank you to: Ash, Kelly, Emily, Beth and Tom."





"Since October 2015 we have enjoyed a professional and committed working relationship with TQUK. They have been flexible in meeting the needs of our Health and Social Care driven training centre and the communication and management of our account has been spot on. Their fresh approach to achieving direct claims status, two-day certificate turnaround and refundable registration fees really set TQUK apart from the rest, and has allowed for a quick, simple and cost-effective alternative awarding organisation.

We would like to thank them for their continued support and look forward to a long and positive partnership.”


“My special thanks to the account managers and the rest of the TQUK team for the wonderful job you do on the communications and service support that you give to us at Green Cross Training Ltd. It is a joy for me to work with such dedicated and talented people and a fantastic organisation.”



“The Manchester College have worked with TQUK for a relatively short period of time, however we have found them to be genuinely enthusiastic, professional, supportive and highly innovative particularly with regard to the development of industry responsive qualifications.”



“As a professional training provider, we take customer service extremely seriously. To help us deliver a seamless service to our clients we needed an awarding body that is proactive and one that can respond to our needs. TQUK deliver exactly this. Great customer service and real people who take the time to know your business.”


“NICVA has had the pleasure of working with TQUK since 2013. TQUK has exceptional customer service and the staff are always courteous and more than helpful. We were told their office is a “hive of positivity” and this is reflected in their attitude and approach to us as one of their accredited centres.”



"I would like to thank you for your cooperation and support in completing the process of recognising Speak and Lead as an approved centre in a very short time.'

'You have been very generous, helpful and kind. What has happened so far in terms of communication, management and process reflect the professionalism and quality that you as a team and TQUK as a whole possess."