A Customer Service Practitioner is the front face and, in many case, the first point of contact a customer has with a company. The apprentice’s raison d’être, as a Customer Service Practitioner, will be interacting with customers, getting to know their issues and concerns and resolving those problems with high quality products and services delivered from the workplace, digitally or by travelling in person to the customer’s location. Their interactions may be one-time events, resolving one-time anomalous problems, or they could be more routine, dealing with orders, payments, transfers, offering guidance and support, sales, after care, service recovery or gaining information for the company by attaining customer feedback. As a Customer Service Practitioner, the number of industries an apprentice could work in is practically unlimited, from manufacturing to marketing, civil engineering to the civil service.

A successful apprentice will be a representative of the company and as such will be a major factor in how customers formulate their opinion of the company and the larger brand. Their knowledge, skills and behaviours will all contribute to delivering the best possible service they can to their customers and to meet and exceed their organisation’s standards and goals within appropriate regulatory frameworks. The apprentice will have a plethora of domains they could possibly interact with customers in, including face-to-face, telephone, post, email, text and social media.

Level: 2
Duration: Minimum of 12 months
Funding Band: 6 (£4,000)* (*Funding Bands from May 2017)
Review: The apprenticeship will be reviewed after a maximum of 3 years

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Mandatory Content

Functional Skills:

TQUK/IQ Level 2 Award in Functional Skills English (QCF)
TQUK/IQ Level 2 Award in Functional Skills Mathematics (QCF)


End-Point Assessment

The end-point assessment is split into three parts: the apprentice showcase, the practical observation and the professional discussion. For the apprentice showcase, the apprentice will be asked to prepare a portfolio demonstrating how they have met/exceeded the minimum requirements set out by the standard and demonstrate your professional competence. 

The practical observation portion will allow the apprentice to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and behaviours to the independent assessor. Any requirements in the standard not included in the Demonstration will be included in the Professional Discussion.

The Professional Discussion is a one-on-one discussion between the apprentice and the assessor and will last about 1 hour. The Discussion is meant to further establish that the apprentice understands the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of them. It will be structured to draw out their enthusiasm, energy, competence and excellence and will be designed in part by the apprentice and the employer.

More Information

If you would like to know more about the Customer Service Practitioner apprenticeship standard and how TQUK can help with the assessment of this apprenticeship, please contact the team by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where a member of our EPA team will be on hand to discuss and answer any questions or queries.