Bears are generally known as pretty wild and scary beasts. They roam the woods of Europe and North America and the ice caps of the Arctic Ocean, hibernating, catching wild salmon, munching down on nuts and berries and invading unsuspecting small Canadian towns. 

You wouldn’t think that venturing into the bush and wrapping your affectionate arms around such mangy and formidable mammals would be such a great idea. And you’d be right. (PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME. IF YOUR HOME HAS BEARS.)


Yup. Kinda scary.

But how can we resist hugging something so fuzzy-wuzzy? Hug a Bear Day is a marvellous excuse to get cozy.

Hug a Bear Day is a celebration of stuffed animals, the veneration of which is an old tradition which can be traced back as far into history as Ancient Egypt. But plush toys, including our favourite stuffed bears, were first unleashed onto the world in 1902. The story goes that one day the American president, Theodore Roosevelt, was hunting and refused to shoot a bear cub that was plainly in his sights.


The eyes of a (would be) killer.

This story’s message of kindness and mercy was celebrated with the release of the “Teddy” Bear, named after the president. Ever since, the toy has become the iconic staple of childhood we know and love today.


Everyone deserves a hug.

Hug a Bear Day is celebrated exactly how you might expect: by hugging your favourite stuffed bear!

The spirit of Hug a Bear Day calls out to the soft and squishy heart of everyone in the TQUK office. We’re positively bursting with a desire to squeeze our favourite fuzzies. But we came across one intractable problem: we had no stuffed animals in the office!

But even as I typed those words, the solution was already incredibly evident. For TQUK has it’s own resident bear, Ash Carl Smith:


Bear or hair?

Lacking a stuffed animal to hug, we all took turns hugging our favourite Customer Relations Officer.


He's so happy!

Thankfully, Ash was stoic enough to offer up his bear-like frame to a full-on love assault from the entire admin team.


The admin team going in for the cuddlez.

But not everyone in the office could be coaxed into hugging a bear, human or not. TQUK’s office Scrooge, Paul Morrison, was being miserly with his emotions. But infused with Hug-a-Bear-Day cheer, Ash took it upon himself to spread the goodwill.


No one escapes the love.

Who’s the bear you want to hug? Share it with us on Twitter at @tq_uk.