Everyone knows Movember – that feral month where men the world over grow out their wily whiskers to raise awareness for prostate cancer. A very worthy cause, to be sure. But the prostate has many neighbours, all of them just as susceptible to cancerous growths as the prostate. And of all those organs inside you, perhaps one of the most neglected is the bowel.

Bowel cancer remains the UK’s second biggest cancer, with one life being taken every half hour. This is especially since bowel cancer is highly preventable if caught early, with 90% of cases being curable.

Bowel cancer has a bit of a reputation as a disease older people get. And while it is true that bowel cancer is most common among men over 50, 5% of new bowel cancer cases occur in men under 50. That's 795 deaths of people under 50 per year in the UK alone.

Like prostate cancer, regular checks are the key to prevention. If it is caught early at stage 1, 97% of all cases survive for five years or more.

Thus, the campaign to grow full-fledged beards the world over. Whether you’re getting sponsored to grow, or just want to raise awareness, all it takes to participate is a capacity for face-based follicle growth. Dye it, treat it, braid it. Just grow it. Visit the Decembeard website for tips on how you can participate.

And once New Year’s rolls around, and you feel like purging yourself of your face thicket, visit a local barber, where there will most likely be a barber apprentice that has been assessed by a TQUK. Sunrise, sunset.

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See you out there!