2017 was good to us. It was unbelievable how good it was. But with the New Year, we’re looking forward to a new start. And every new start demands a change.

Perhaps the most exciting change in the past year was TQUK’s expansion into apprentice assessment services. The amount of work we’re slated to take on in 2018 meant we had to put together a new team of EPA operatives. This new EPA team will be headed up by Kelle McQuade, TQUK’s most recent Lead Business Development Manager.

Since joining TQUK last year, she has travelled the land meeting TQUK’s approved training providers, explaining the end-point assessment process, answering all the inevitable questions and queries expected with such a change in the apprenticeship landscape. She has become quite the EPA guru.

Kelle has also spent the last year elbow-deep in apprenticeship standards, familiarising herself with the new regulatory landscape and foreseeing the potential needs of training providers and employers and devising solutions. With Kelle’s help, TQUK has been at the forefront of an End-Point Assessment revolution, being the first End-Point Assessment Organisation to pass apprentices under the new Hospitality Team Member standards.

Kelle has contributed articles to industry publications on the new regulatory landscape for assessors and looked at how we can help make EPA more accessible to apprentices. Because of her expertise, she knows just what training providers and employers need to do in order to help apprentices be successful within their apprenticeships and beyond. Find out her thoughts here.

With Kelle leading the way, TQUK EPA is in great hands

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See you out there!