Books are so important to our culture and history. Before the internet, they were the main medium in which we stored and transferred written information. The infrastructure of books was and remains massive, with bookstores, libraries and archives dotting our cities and countryside. Today they still hold a place in our hearts as objects we use to make sense of our lives, whether it be through reporting hard-nosed facts or through imagined worlds. They contain our favourite stories, theories and histories. They are companions and friends for the lonely, gateways into wider world for intrepid cerebral explorers. They expand every facet of our imaginations.

March 1st is World Book Day, a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading, where kids of all ages come together to appreciate reading.

We here at TQUK love to read as well. At least 25% of our staff have some kind of English degree, and very often you’ll hear the staff chatting away about the volumes they have on their nightstand as we commune for a brew in the kitchen. But in this office, one paper-bound object is revered above all others: the TQUK Manuals.


Okay, fine, they’re not BOOKS, exactly, but we love them. We take pride in creating and distributing these high-quality training manuals for food safety, first aid, paediatric first aid and fire safety.

These manuals go out almost daily to our amazing training centres all over the UK. They’re so in-demand and high quality that our food safety manual was even praised by none other than Simon Rimmer, co-host of Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, as ‘essential to everyone working within the food sector.’ That’s celebrity high praise! (The best kind of praise!) But even that doesn’t include all the great feedback we get from our training centres about the usefulness of these pint-sized packets.


Another thing that makes our manuals so great is they save training centres from sourcing expensive course materials. The manuals are written by industry experts, reviewed and updated regularly by consultants and our first aid manuals can be personalised with individual company info and logos.


So, on this World Book Day, curl up on the couch with your favourite TQUK training manual and expand your mind!

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See you out there!