In commemoration of May the Fourth, otherwise known as Star Wars Day, we asked the office who their favourite Star Wars characters were and why. But these may not be the answers you were looking for...


Andrew Walker, Managing Director:Anakin Skywalker, of course. (We basically have the same name!) Because some day he’d rule the galaxy! He’s not quite there yet, though..





Katie Orr, Head of Awarding Organisation:Rey. Because I end up totally smashing things with no prior training.’





Kelle McQuade, Head of End-Point Assessment Organisation:Amilyn Holdo. If I have a plan, I stick with it, all of you be damned.’





Adele Williams, Qualifications Development Manager:Qui-Gon Jinn. Because I know the ways of the force and can gather midichlorians to form the genetics of qualifications.’




Tom Costigan, Operations Manager:R2-D2. I speak the language of data.’






Paul Morrison, Quality Manager:Emperor Palpatine. Because he’s evil. And I also want the ability to shoot lightning from my fingers.’





Kyle Green, Website and Marketing Manager:Kylo Renn. Marketing purposes, mostly. I mean, my name is only 3 characters out. And I love his cross lightsaber.’





Ash Smith, Business Development Manager: Chewbacca. ‘I mean, the beard, the hair...what more do I have to say? Also, I can also do the Kessel run in less than 12 parcecs.’




Matt Garrod, Client Relationship Officer:Luke Skywalker. I’m too short to be a Stormtrooper.’






Kelly Venter, Qualification Quality Coordinator:Princess Leia. She always puts others first.’






Rochelle Crichton, EPA Officer:Yoda. Pretty wise, I think I am. That’s exactly the kind of thing wise people say, right?’





Sophie Al-Hakim, Quality Officer:Mon Mothma. I’m calm and serene and tend to stay away from danger.’






Grant Newlands, Client Relationship Officer:Darth Plagueis. Too awesome for his own good. He had a too-heavy lunch, took 40 winks and got taken out by his apprentice. It’s absolutely something that would happen to me.’



Lewis Skilbeck, Business Development Officer:Admiral Ackbar. These questions are a trap!’






Jana Jassova, HR Officer:Jar-Jar Binks. I annoy everyone and I love it.’






Kit Jenkin, Website and Marketing Officer:Han Solo, when he’s frozen in the carbonite. I dunno, it just sounds like a really good way to get some sleep.’




Sam Nightingale, EQA Coordinator:Jyn Erso. I don’t take no messin’ like.’






Rosin Maguire, Business Development Officer:Obi-Wan Kenobi. As the longest standing member of the BSO team, I teach others the ways of the force.’






Elsa Neary, Lead Generator: C-3PO. ‘I am fluent in over 6 million languages, perfect for liaising with our centres from all corners of the globe.’




Blanca Martinez, Graphic Designer:Boba Fett. My skills with gadgets are creative and legendary.






Laura Sharkey, Product Development Officer: Princess Amidala. Queen, politician, warrior, diplomat. What’s not to like?






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May the Fourth be with you!