Stuck in the doldrums? Looking to start a new career? Want a new challenge in your life?

TQUK has a great suggestion: become an accountant!

Now, now, before you recoil and click on another tab: we know. Accounting gets a bad rap. The profession has a reputation for being a bit unsexy, and accountants are generally imagined to be fairly grey and humble number crunchers.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


Accounting is a lively and vital service that allows organisations to process, measure and supervise all financial information. The profession is often called the ‘language of business’, and with good reason. It’s the main way companies can articulate their financial health, assess their ability to grow into the future and forge links across organisations and borders.

And as for that reputation for being a bit bland – forget about it! There’s lots of potential depth and professional intrigue involved in accounting – so much so that there have been films, TV shows and books that have dramatised the more exciting sides of the profession, from The Accountant to The Shawshank Redemption and B.S. Johnson’s Christie Malry’s Own Double-Entry. For the right people, accounting can be a rich, fulfilling and exciting experience.

And what’s more, accounting is often cited as one of the world’s best professions in terms of stability, pay, job satisfaction and potential for growth.

Interested? Of course you are!

Here’s 5 Great Reasons to Become an Accountant:

1. You’ll always be in demand

As long as there’s money, there will be people needed to watch it - where it goes, where it comes from and what it produces. If an organisation doesn’t keep a close watch on the movement of their money, disaster can follow. Accountants are often called upon to deal with taxes, financial reporting, audits: the works.

Accountancy jobs are also reasonably insulated from the ups and downs of boom-and-bust economies. Accountants will always be needed to optimise an organisation’s incomings and outgoings, particularly in bad times.

2. You’re spoiled for options

Every business, once they reach a certain size and complexity, need a particular person to balance the books. You’ll notice that the word ‘business’ is intentionally vague. That’s because, accountants can work in almost any industry: the third sector, the public sector and practically anywhere in the private sector, from tech and entertainment to manufacturing and retail. The principles are the same and can be applied everywhere.

3. It’s a great starting point to jump off into other industries

If you spend some time in accounting but decide it’s not for you, there’s any number of potential careers you can jump into. Accountants can easily transition into industries like banking, finance, consulting, project management and more.

4. You can help incubate the future

Let’s face it: new businesses and start-ups don’t always have the best handle on their money. An entrepreneur’s attention can be scattered. They may not necessarily know all the ins and outs of the tax code, the need for stringency in bookkeeping and all the laws and financial regulations they have to follow. An accountant can help these organisations through the turbulence of their first years so that they can establish themselves in their sector.

5. It pays

Good accountants are always in demand. Because of this, organisations are usually willing to pay for them. The average earning potential of chartered accountants with two to four years of experience post-qualification is around £56,000. This can rise to £90,200 after five years. That’s certainly a pretty penny, if we do say so ourselves!


So where’s the best place to begin your accounting journey? Get your qualifications at great institutions around the UK, like the Oxford College of Education, Birmingham Training and Online School and Preston’s College.

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See you out there!