We are excited to announce that we are implementing a new certificate design this month for all TQUK regulated qualifications. The new design will be coming into effect from the 25th June 2018.

We have listened to centres and have added several security features in what we believe is a cleaner, more contemporary design and a more accurate reflection of the fresh and dynamic awarding organisation we have become today.


Having printed more than 100,000 certificates with our previous design, it was time for a change, in line with our meteoric rise from 168th largest awarding organisation to the 9th!

Here is a useful timeline detailing how we will introduce the new certificates:

  • Tuesday 19th June 2018: Final certificate requests for the old certificate design must be submitted by this date.
  • Wednesday 20th June 2018: Final day of printing, using the previous paper design.
  • Thursday 21st- Friday 22nd June 2018: We will be ceasing printing of all certificates, including endorsed and unit certificates while these changes come into effect.
  • Monday 25th June 2018: New certificate design will be used from this day forward.

We’re incredibly proud of our Business Support Team – Róisin, Lewis and Jardel - who are coordinating the implementation of the new design. You guys rule!


"Okay guys, I'm about to take the picture. Please no gang signs."

Got some burning questions? We’re sure you do! That’s why we’ve included a handy FAQ below. However, if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can call us at 03333 583 344. We’ll help you however we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you changed the design?

It was time to refresh the design that we have had in place for many years, so we have updated the certificate design to give it a cleaner, sharper and fresher look whilst adding several new security features.

We are proud of our new design and we think you will be, too!

When is the last time I can claim a learner on the old certificates?

Learners claimed on or before Tuesday 19th June 2018 will be printed using our current certificate design and printed on Wednesday 20th June 2018.

What is the purpose of the watermark and hologram?

The new certificates will include a new UV watermark and a bespoke hologram, which includes a background, foreground, microtext and lens image effects. This UV Dull design certificate will have the TQUK logo embedded within the makeup of the certificate paper, making it easy to identify an authentic TQUK certificate with ultraviolet light.

These are the most up-to-date security features available that will ensure the authenticity of genuine TQUK certificates and prevent fraud.

What if I claim my certificates during the 21st – 22nd June grace period?

These will be printed using the new design. It will be printed on the 25th June 2018 and will have the usual SLA for release.

Will scanned copies of certificates be available for urgent certification requests?

Scanned copies of certificates will be available upon request, from the 25th June for urgent certification queries.

What if I claim other types of certificates such as endorsed or unit certificates during the  21st – 22nd June grace period?

Endorsed certificates will also not be printed on the 21st - 22nd June. Unit certification will be unaffected and will be completed within its usual schedule.

Are non-certificate services going to be affected?

All other services will be unaffected by the changes, including exams and delivery of materials.

What happens if I need a replacement of a certificate and it was originally printed on the old design?

Any replacement certificates requested from the 21st June 2018 will be printed using the new certificate design.

How are e-certificates affected?

All TQUK e-certificates will continue to use the previous design and service will be unaffected, issuing all e-certificates within 24 hours.

This autumn, we will be introducing re-designed e-certificates to our new Registration and Certification system.

Why is TQUK not using company logos on its certificates anymore?

The feedback that we have received from the majority of centres is that replacing logos with a provider name on the certificate will ensure a cleaner and better-recognised design.

Centre logos will continue to be made available on TQUK’s range of personalised manuals, to assist with centre branding and generating repeat business. We have also rebuilt our approach to learner data within our system, making data more accessible than ever before, to enable a more streamlined and intelligent approach to managing future business.

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See you out there!