TQUK gets bigger every day!

We’re delighted to introduce the 3 newest members of the TQUK family. With their contributions to the company, we’ll become even bigger and better!


Danielle Fallon

We’re very excited to welcome Danielle, our new Sales and Marketing Manager, from NCFE, where she was National PTP Manager for quite a while. She’s a maverick in the education sector with over 10 years’ experience blazing trails through new markets.

As Sales and Marketing Manager, Danielle oversees customer relations, researches new markets for us to explore and promotes the TQUK brand wherever possible.

FUN FACT: Danielle once received bass guitar lessons from a member of the Stone Roses, though she still can’t play!


Lucy Hall

We’re stoked to welcome Lucy, our new EPA Coordinator, to TQUK! She’ll be the point person for our dynamic End-Point Assessment Team. Lucy joins us from Babcock, where she was an IQA for a mind-blowing 13 years.

As EPA Coordinator, Lucy conducts activities associated with designing, developing and delivering compliant and relevant assessments to all our apprenticeship learners. She also works with our external assessors and monitors performance of our test items through their lifecycle.

Lucy is extra welcome at TQUK because she’s been baking us cakes on the regular. Stay away, employers – you can’t have her! 


Jardel Depeiaza

Last, but certainly not least, is Jardel, our excellent new Business Support Officer. Jardel eats, drinks, and breathes football, and is the only real footballer in the TQUK office. He’s so good that at age 18, he got a scholarship to play football and attend college in Atlanta. Thanks to him, our ambitions in the local five-a-side tournament have been revived!

As Business Support Officer, Jardel helps TQUK run its everyday operations, from conducting quality assurance checks to resolving customer queries.


Danielle, Lucy and Jardel are just the tip of the iceberg. To get to know the rest of our team, visit our Meet the Team page.

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See you out there!