2018 was a great year and we want 2019 to be even better. So, we thought we'd poll our Senior Management Team to find out what they think is coming around the bend after New Year's Day.


Andrew Walker

My predictions for 2019: 

  • We will get a new Hoover
  • We will not get an office pet
  • Man U will win the Champion's League
  • Robbie Williams will re-join Take That
  • Oasis will get back together




Katie Orr

What do I see happening in 2019? Expansions of all kinds! We’re expanding into new sectors in 2019 including into a new office in our building. And who knows where the next TQUK global hub will be? (South of France would be nice...) We'll be working to align our regulated provision with the new apprenticeship standards to provide all apprentices with the best possible learning experience.



Kyle Green

I predict that in 2019 we will have a brand new AO website which everyone will absolutely love. 

The new website will be much easier to navigate and make accessing vital info a breeze. The design will be slick and sexy, with state of the art contact forms that will mean your questions will be answered quicker.



Paul Morrison

I’ve been fascinated lately by the rise of artificial intelligence. The potential applications of advanced AI are almost unlimited and it’s only a matter of time before someone develops a qualification or two. There are so many interesting questions: how do you develop standards, what will the regulations be like, how will it impact skills in the UK? 



Tom Costigan

2019 will be the year we launch our new modules on Verve to support centre registration, certification and exams. The benefits for our centres will be massive.  Exciting!





Danielle Fallon

Manchester City will win the Premier League. Obviously.

It will be interesting to see how T-Levels change in 2019. Many people think T-Levels will overtake apprenticeships as the main vocational pathway, but I see apprenticeships going from strength to strength. The demand we’ve seen for our End-Point Assessment service makes me think it's only the beginning of apprenticeships.

2019 will also be massive because of Brexit. It will very interesting to see how the skills sector responds. In particular, we’ll be keeping our eye on how funding will change.



Kelle McQuade

Predictions? TQUK will quadruple its number of registrations for EPA compared to 2018!

I also see more pressure being put on the IfA to support the inclusion of EPAOs within employer groups to support the development of more robust and fit-for-purpose assessment plans.


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See you out there!