The Last Supper Parody

A number of new disciples *cough* starters, have begun their TQUK journey last week as the number of our followers continues to grow!

Our new congregants have come from all walks of life yet share the same road that led them to TQUK Towers. Last week they underwent some pretty vigorous training that helped them become familiar with all the ins and outs of us as an Awarding Organisation, but we made sure they had some fun too as we included activities like guess which fun fact matches which TQUK staff member below!

TQUK Training Session.jpg

Find out all about our fabulous five and what they think of their TQUK journey so far! 

Phillip Wall – Assessment Officer

Phil joins us after spending years preaching Shakespeare and literature as an English teacher. His profession led him across the globe to faraway lands like Japan, where he lived and taught English for 14 months!  As an Assessment Officer, Phil will be in charge of devising, managing and updating our question banks so that our learners are always kept on their toes. Phil will also venture out to collaborate with our subject experts and analyse the performance of his exam papers while lending a helpful ear to our centres with any assessment-related questions.


“I'm sure each of the new starters will agree with me when I say that we've been thoroughly looked after here. From the moment we walked through the door we were warmly welcomed by every member of staff and made to feel right at home. There are no pretenses, no cliques - everybody has the time of day for you. I've been bombarding my colleagues with questions and oddly enough no one’s told me to stop. I've already gotten my hands into some question banks to review and I'm slowing ploughing my way through them!”

Charlotte Williams – Exams Officer

A jack of all trades, Charlotte’s been through it all – from working as a showroom assistant to managing a bar to working as an administrator in a PPI company. Her position sparked a passion for quality in her and she eventually worked her way up to Quality Assurance Officer. We could feel her passion and keen eye for high standards the moment she walked through the door and couldn’t wait to snatch her up! As Exams Officer, she’ll work alongside Phil to whip up exam papers, make sure we follow relevant compliant processes and put that red pen to use by marking papers.


“The main thing that really stands out for me is the amazing atmosphere here at TQUK! Everyone is so lovely and welcoming and there’s always an element of fun and excitement when I come into work. I’ve had a really positive start and the training has absolutely been on point – everyone’s been so helpful with explaining all of the ins and outs of the company, and I can’t wait to get stuck into my role!”


Anthony Henry – Finance Officer

Anthony has a real passion for numbers and studied Banking and Finance at University. He couldn’t wait to get to work and even spent 13 months as a Finance Intern before his final year! Now, he’s come on board as our Finance Officer and is already immersing himself in all of our numbers and figures. He’ll be responsible for preparing our financial reports, processing payments and helping our SMT analyse our financial data to take us to the next level! Anthony proclaims that Manchester United is ‘the greatest football club in the observable universe’ and joins the cold war that rages in our office as our United and City fans look to each other with narrowed eyes.


“TQUK is a really youthful and exuberant company with an extremely friendly and welcoming culture. The moment you walk in, you feel the buzz about the place and our training’s been thorough and informative but not without its fun moments. Whenever I have any questions people are more than happy to help, and I’m excited to really get into my role and start working!”


Ayomide Erinle – Client Relationship Officer

Ayo comes to us from a hospitality and customer service background where he found a passion for building relationships and exceeding customers' expectations! He loves immersing himself in ancient civilization culture and can’t get enough of the mythology of old. He’ll also jump at the opportunity to talk about the latest and greatest cars for hours on end! Now that he’s a Client Relationship Officer, he’ll be the main source of contact for our centres, providing excellent support on the phone and online. He’ll be making sure that all of our customers are well taken care of and give them that good ol’ TQUK charm. Teach him well, Ash!   


“My experience of TQUK has been great! The training has been really good, interactive and well thought out. There’s a lot of information to take in but it’s delivered well which makes it easy to understand. I particularly like how we have to meet the heads of every team so that we can understand how each team works and how they fit into the company as a whole. The staff members are a real asset to TQUK and they make it a joy to come into work day in and day out! Everyone is so friendly and approachable, so it’s really easy to ask questions and get familiar with everyone. Everyone feels like a family and it’s a real breath of fresh air! My only issue is the prevalence of Manchester United fans. I’m a Chelsea fan myself!” 

Chris Clark – Business Support Officer

Chris comes to us from the mountains of Italy! After gaining a Master’s in Fine Art, he moved to Italy one summer to teach painting and eventually moved on to working for a walking holiday company as a hiking guide for tourists. He’s trekked across fantastic landscapes and has conquered treacherous mountains. Now, he begins an epic TQUK voyage as a Business Support Officer! Chris will be navigating our internal processes as he produces and dispatches certificates, monitors and maintains our stock levels and constantly strives to improve our procedures.   

Chris Clark Profile Picture.jpg

“Training is a stressful part of any new job, but all of the training at TQUK has been great and delivered by really friendly people. They’ve made sure that all of the new starters have gotten quality time to get to know each other and everyone else in the company. I can already tell that it’s a really friendly environment and I feel really welcomed into the team!”




Great to have you on board, guys! To keep up to date with the latest news and updates from TQUK, return to our blog or follow us Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

See you out there!