TQUK ESEA signs MoU in Vietnam.

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Vietnam’s Booming Economy

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For the last five years, Vietnam has had an annual GDP growth rate of 6-8% and has one of the fastest growing economies among members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Many international brands and corporations have set up their production facilities in the country, including Nike, Ralph Lauren and H&M. Many experts have compared Vietnam’s growth to China’s booming success in the early 90’s. As a result, the Vietnamese government has made huge investments in vocational programmes to help train workers across the country and continue its rapid economic growth.

TQUK ESEA to Help Develop Vocational Programmes Around Vietnam

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Over November 2018 and March 2019, our ESEA Team was busy attending vocational skills seminars in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). The seminars were co-organised by the British Consulate General in HCMC, the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) and MoLISA. In each of them, delegates from more than 100 vocational schools and colleges across the country along with representatives from British vocational training institutes (including yours truly!) gathered together, shared their expertise and gave valuable advice on ways vocational training could be improved across Vietnam.

On March 21, our ESEA Team took it one step further and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Vietnam Association of Technical and Economics Colleges (ATEC) and Ed2Career to develop quality TVET vocational programmes and to certificate learners all over the country!

Soon after, TQUK ESEA also signed a second MoU with the Vietnam College of Technology II to help them develop new vocational training programmes. With an average enrolment of 5000 students per year, the Vietnam College of Technology II has become a leading national education institute and plays a pioneering role in Vietnam’s vocational education system. The College has gained international recognition as students from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar enrol to undergo quality training and become certificated themselves.

With these two MoUs, TQUK ESEA hopes to equip learners across Vietnam with valuable vocational skills that will help them progress in their professional careers. TQUK ESEA are extremely excited that Vietnam has heavily invested in the development of vocational programmes and is ready to help push the country forward with its economic growth!

The British Consul General Speaks About the First Signing

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The British Consul General of Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Ian Gibbons, witnessed the signing of the first Memorandum himself and said:

“I am very honoured to be present at the signing ceremony of cooperation between the ATEC, TQUK and Ed2Career. It is a testament to the cooperation between the British awarding body and ATEC’s colleges and vocational schools. Our aim is to share experiences and expertise from the UK rather than transferring an existing vocational education system. From there, countries can create and build their separate system of vocational skills. This is important because countries need a system to meet the needs of industry development orientation, human resources strategy, the level of economic development and future prosperity.”

Find out what our fearless TQUK leaders had to say about the signing!

Daniel Au Yeung, Marketing Director of TQUK ESEA, was over the moon:

“We want to thank everyone who advised and supported us throughout the process! We agree fully with Mr. Gibbons when he says that we should share our expertise with Vietnam to help them develop their own vocational skills programmes rather than transfer an existing vocational system to the country. We’re sure that with our strong partnerships with ATEC, Ed2Career and the Vietnam College of Technology II, the vocational programmes we develop will provide Vietnamese learners with extremely valuable skills and knowledge and contribute to the country’s already flourishing economy!”

Andrew Walker, TQUK’s Managing Director, couldn’t have been happier:

“I’m extremely excited by the partnerships between TQUK ESEA, ATEC, Ed2Career and the Vietnam College of Technology II. TQUK is always looking to form valuable partnerships with institutes across the world, and I’m very happy that we're helping learners across Vietnam become certificated with vocational programmes. We’ve really solidified our global presence in the last few years by opening our second international hub in Dubai and establishing TQUK MENA alongside TQUK ESEA. This signing in Ho Chi Minh City only continues to increase our reach across East and South East Asia. Well done guys!”

Thank You Note to the DIT Teams

TQUK ESEA wanted to give their heartfelt appreciation to both the London and Vietnam DIT teams. Thank you for your great support and guidance throughout this exciting development!


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