Stuck in the doldrums? Looking to start a new career? Want a new challenge in your life?

TQUK has a great suggestion: become an accountant!

Now, now, before you recoil and click on another tab: we know. Accounting gets a bad rap. The profession has a reputation for being a bit unsexy, and accountants are generally imagined to be fairly grey and humble number crunchers.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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In commemoration of May the Fourth, otherwise known as Star Wars Day, we asked the office who their favourite Star Wars characters were and why. But these may not be the answers you were looking for...

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NOTE As of 24/05/2018, TQUK has a new Privacy Policy.

What’s in a password?

Your security, that’s what.

These days, passwords are an everyday part of life. Computers are everywhere – in our phones, televisions, even our refrigerators - and your computers need to be protected; not everyone should be able to access your workplace desktop, or the records of how often you open your fridge in the middle of the night to eat slice after slice of cake. (Yes, your smart fridge will record that.) Until science invents cheap retina scanning or DNA recognition tech, getting access to a computer will mean using some kind of password.

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The 1st of May is International Worker’s Day, a day where we recognise the value and achievements of working people all over the world!

Today we should all keep a better future for workers at the forefront of our minds. In the UK, International Worker’s Day can get overshadowed by May Day festivities, but it’s not a day to lose sight of. Many workers around the world are still organising to secure fair pay and safe working conditions - things that should be available to all workers, no matter their occupation.

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