It gives us great pleasure to officially announce TQUK MENA as our newest partner international business hub specialising in educationally focused services based in Dubai.

TQUK MENA’s vision is to introduce TQUK as a first choice Awarding Organisation for employers and educators in the region looking for UK regulated educational qualifications and higher education pathways. TQUK MENA  will bridge the gaps between education and employment, meeting the needs of learners whilst accommodating regional differences and actioning solutions through their educational portfolio and services.

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It’s October 31st, and you know what that means…

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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Interested in travelling the world? Want to get paid while doing so?

Teaching English overseas is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

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Are you bored of your current career? Want more flexibility but not sure how to get it? Enjoy fitness and all things health related?

Becoming a personal trainer has probably crossed your mind, but you’ve likely brushed that thought aside.

Well, that stops now!

To start with, does this sound like you?

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This morning, I had a conundrum.

Before I left for work, I had to choose what to have for breakfast – a tube of yoghurt or an apple, since those were the only things in my fridge. It was a hard choice because I had to pick which one was best for my diet. Both had the required amount of sugar I needed to start my day, and both had, more or less, the same amount of calories. The problem came with the yoghurt. It had protein, which was great, but it was also a dairy product, which my diet says I have to limit.

In the end, I went with the apple. I needed to abide by the rules I set for myself. Sometimes, unfortunately, you just can’t choose the yoghurt.

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