You know TQUK as a quality Awarding Organisation with qualifications in loads of in-demand sectors.  Our popular qualifications in First Aid, Safety and Compliance and Health and Social Care have helped us become one of the most widely recognised AOs in the UK.

But TQUK is more than these qualifications. Much, much more! 

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September certainly wasn’t dull here at TQUK! This month, we welcomed a new member to the team, saw an epic tug-of-war between the Client Relationship Team and Creative Team and celebrated an amazing award nomination.

What a month!

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“Don’t drop out of school.” “Invest in your future.” “Get your degree.”

It’s advice everyone knows. When help like this was given, it was usually saying “Go to university. Success will follow.”

Back in the day, having a university degree may have been a reliable way of securing a job that would provide a stable career. But now, with the amount of degree-educated individuals in the developed world in low-skill work and with large amounts of student debt, this advice is no longer necessarily useful, or even true.

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We got some great news last week!

After nabbing two nominations last year at the 2017 FAB Awards, TQUK is excited to announce that our amazing Head of Awarding Organisation, Katie Orr, has been nominated for Outstanding Contribution of the Year for 2018! 

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As Quality Manager at TQUK, I come across a lot of assessment materials sent to us every day by our centres. Our Quality Team assesses these materials to make sure that the assessments delivered are valid and reliable. The evidence of the learner’s abilities gathered through the assessment has to be authentic, current and sufficient – in other words, the evidence must be the candidate’s own, has to have been generated and presented within a reasonable timeframe and must be enough to meet the requirements of the assessment.

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