Christmas is a time to pull a blanket over your lap, sit back in front of a fireplace with a hot chocolate and spend some quality time with friends and family.

For many people, though, Christmas can be a very hard time of year. The combination of less daylight, the isolating effects of cold weather, increased drinking and the availability of too much unhealthy food can send peoples’ mood into a nosedive. When moods dip, the demand for mental health services rises, particularly among people already suffering from mental health issues. As a result, Christmas can be very stressful for on-duty mental health social workers. 

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The good news keeps rolling in!

TQUK would like to congratulate the amazing team at TQUK-HK for winning an award at the Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Service Awards 2019, the largest service awards ceremony in Hong Kong celebrating local and international brands. 

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Our Qualifications Team is always on the cutting edge, creating new and in-demand qualifications for centres all over the UK. Here's what they've been up to this month!

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man with book gathering knowledge evidence

Knowing when to gather knowledge evidence for assessments can be tricky. Have you ever found yourself looking at a qualification specification and wondering what it’s asking for?

Well, don’t worry. TQUK has your back!

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2018 has been somewhat of a growth year for Great Britain Olympic hockey star Shona McCallin MBE.

From the highs of winning an outstanding gold medal with Team GB at the 2016 Rio games against the Netherlands to suffering a tour-ending concussion in February 2018 during a game against Argentina, Shona has already had to deal with an enormous amount of physical and mental strain, all by the age of 26.

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