As Quality Manager at TQUK, I come across a lot of assessment materials sent to us every day by our centres. Our Quality Team assesses these materials to make sure that the assessments delivered are valid and reliable. The evidence of the learner’s abilities gathered through the assessment has to be authentic, current and sufficient – in other words, the evidence must be the candidate’s own, has to have been generated and presented within a reasonable timeframe and must be enough to meet the requirements of the assessment.

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In this week’s instalment of A View From the Inside, we talk to Katie Orr, Head of Awarding Organisation at TQUK, about apprenticeships, the demise of the QCF, standardised scoring systems and how Britain’s most popular game shows get it all wrong with their scoring systems.


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TQUK has listened to your feedback and we’ve heard your requests loud and clear. 

Later this year, we will be launching the first module of our new online centre portal. The first release will focus on Registration and Certification, including finance, with future releases for Centre Recognition, Exams and Quality Assurance planned. 

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As an awarding organisation, TQUK is dedicated to promoting the highest standards for vocational education. We’re always finding new ways to improve processes and create the best possible conditions for learners to succeed.

We’re always proud to see learners receive their qualifications. And when they do, we love to shout about it! 

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The TQUK family is growing every day!

Over the summer, we added four new members to our team. With them on board, we’re only going to get bigger and better.

Meet the people who will help you and your centres become lean, mean training machines!

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