Books are so important to our culture and history. Before the internet, they were the main medium in which we stored and transferred written information. The infrastructure of books was and remains massive, with bookstores, libraries and archives dotting our cities and countryside. Today they still hold a place in our hearts as objects we use to make sense of our lives, whether it be through reporting hard-nosed facts or through imagined worlds. They contain our favourite stories, theories and histories. They are companions and friends for the lonely, gateways into wider world for intrepid cerebral explorers. They expand every facet of our imaginations.

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The FE sector can be a fickle mistress. It is an industry that addresses a particular part of the economy. It is largely unknown to the public and, like most sectors, has a tendency to get caught with its inside baseball. There is a lingo to the sector that can make it a bit difficult for outsiders looking in to relate to.

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American scholar and organisational speaker, Warren Bennis, once said that “Leadership is the capacity to turn vision into action.”

How right he is.

It means unlocking potential in people around you and harnessing that potential to achieve a goal. The best leaders do not seek power and status for their own sake; they recognise what others are capable of and find a way of bringing those capabilities into the world.

It takes a particular temperament and ability to work with and for other people. And these skills are in demand all over the UK, in every sector of the economy.

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Happy (Chinese) New Year, everyone!

With a new year comes a new beginning and new opportunities. Moving on from the tumultuousness of 2017’s Year of the Rooster, 2018 is the Year of the Wood Dog. This year is predicted to be as uncertain as the last, so we thought we’d offer a little order to contrast this chaos by offering some advice to all you Dog people out there. This is your year, and many of you may be thinking of beginning or switching careers. So we thought we’d go through some of the careers and occupations best suited to you diggity-dogs.

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tim-marshall-114623.jpgTick tock, tick tock.

Hear that sound? No, it’s not a clock. No, it’s not your dementia. It’s your heart.

You probably don’t pay that much attention to it. Well, TQUK is here to set that right.

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